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Our Concept

The eCorporate Travel Concept

Edinburgh’s “Green” Chauffeur Company.

The Concept
  • Based in Edinburgh, we provide a professional and discreet chauffeur service using Toyota Prius hybrids.
  • Provide environmentally sustainable travel at competitive prices
  • Reduce carbon emissions by supporting your corporate social responsibilities and green agendas
  • Offset carbon emissions produced by investing directing in offsetting projects, local initiatives and carbon reducing measures

What is your CO2 contribution to the environment?
  • An average of 16 journeys a day in a Standard LTI Hackney Cab @ 10km per journey equates to 194kg of CO2 per week.
  • Moving to eCorporate Travel would reduce this by 124kg per week.
  • This saving of 6000kg per year is equivalent to the energy requirements of a 3 bedroom house for 12 months or continuously running your PC for 20 years.

Contact Information

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eCorporate Travel
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